Lava stone cooking – essential things you need to know

Lava stone cooking – essential things you need to know

Stone based cooking is an altogether different art. It allows one to have the best of the early and raw cooking tastes at the comforts of home. This is where these cooking lava stones can help you out. Here are some things to know about the stone.

Traditional and ancient method

The use of Pietra Lavica especially that of Etna allows grilling in the best and most natural way possible. It does not require fire or doesn’t emit any kind of smoke from the heat sources below it. It is a perfect way for cooking on campsites and forest explorations. All it will require in such a circumstance will be a pair of resting stones and a great place for positioning the stone.

For garden based use

This stone is a great option combined with fireplaces on the outdoor for the purpose of grilling sandwiches and sausages. They allow getting the best of taste from the ingredients with the evenly spread temperature. One can use sausages and vegetables to grill together on these stones making the food melt easily and give a great mix of juices.  

Temperature uniformity

The specialty of the stone is that it captures heat and accumulates it to release on a consistency basis. This accumulation allows it to provide a uniform temperature to the food being cooked on the stone. It also results in lesser fuel usage and a deeper cooking of items without them getting burned.

Processing fatty foods

In usual cooking and grilling process, fatty foods like bacon and mashed sausages have to suffer a considerable loss in fat and nutrients. It also puts them at a risk of getting burnt as soon as the fat vanishes. These fats are the main source of flavor and therefore this lava stone prevents the loss with the temperature management and excellent surface contact. The flesh and fat get cooked well without even a trace of heat damage within.

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