The Taste Of Subtle Notes In The Finest Tanqueray Gin

The Taste Of Subtle Notes In The Finest Tanqueray Gin

A lot of people enjoy alcoholic beverages and a couple of popular drinks happen to be Gin and Vodka; these are easy to find and easy to drink – more like uncomplicated drinks for complicated times. However there are many patrons of these drinks who may not always be able to say the difference between the two. Well, the difference may in fact be a fine line but experts put it this way – while Gin is more herbal in its aroma, Vodka is like a clear spirit which was a blend of alcohol and water but no aroma as such.

How Gin Became Famous

In 1830, Charles Tanqueray decided to make a special variety of Gin, one that would give it a distinguished taste and aroma. Today the name of Tanqueray stands for a fines tasting Gin that has special tastes of herbs like Juniper and Liquorice; this is perhaps the only alcoholic beverage that uses full citrus fruit to use. Most companies and other brands of Gin use citrus peels in the process of making the drink.

How To Enjoy A Drink Of Fine Gin

The decision to have a drink is personal and each individual has their own way of mixing drinks. Gin is very popular in the making of various types of cocktails that are extremely popular. However there are others who enjoy Gin as a drink – either neat or with ice. Gin is a simple drink and can be enjoyed simply. Adding a few cubes of ice and pouring the drink is all that you need to enjoy it. That doesn’t mean you cannot have it neat – of course you can. As a low calorie drink, Gin is very popular among the ladies. There are a wide selection of seafood and cheese that go very well as the food platter when having a drink of fine Gin.

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