Facts About towing service Mung Thong

Facts About towing service Mung Thong

Driving can be dangerous sometimes! Without any prior knowledge, you may find yourself on the other side of the road with a dead car’s battery, a flat tire, or even a crunched-up car right after a catastrophic collision. Sometimes, it does not even matter how safe you drive or how much you have taken care of your car or taken precautions, you are probably likely to need the help of towing service Mung Thong [รถยก เมืองทอง, which is the term in Thai] at some point. Not only is driving unpredictable, cars too are. Well, this article will provide you the reasons as to why you need car towing services and the insurance associated with it.

Filing a towing claim

Filing for a towing claim becomes easier if you have roadside assistance coverage. All you are supposed to do is, call your insurer all at once after the accident and tell them the situation and the need for towing service. When you take this step, the insurance company will contact the towing company and get them out to you. There are a few benefits of file claiming, which you cannot get if you call the service on your own. With the claim, you do not have to find out a technician on your own. In addition to that, you do not need to pay anything out of your pocket and do not have to take any burden regarding paperwork.

The insurance coverage

There are some car insurance providers that offer to tow for free, however, you will get it free only if you have collision coverage. Also, remember that if you avail of towing services, it will not be covered, provided you only have liability. In that situation, expect to pay from your pocket if you avail of the services of towing. However, if you are innocent in an accident, the other driver’s insurance has to pay for the damages incurred to your car, including any towing services and other expenses.

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