Are You Eligible for Dual Eye Surgery?

Are You Eligible for Dual Eye Surgery?

Eyelid surgical procedure isn’t for everyone, as well as there are some considerations when it involves who makes a great prospect:


  • You ought to remain in healthiness, without significant health problems.
  • You must be a nonsmoker.
  • You should not have any type of conditions that may hinder or delay recovery.
  • You need to not have any kind of significant eye problems.
  • You need to have realistic goals for the result.


People who wish to go through the double eyelid technique [เทคนิคการทำตาสองชั้น, which is the term in Thai] to form a double eyelid ought to know that going as well with the elevation of the fold added to the eyelid can look unnatural.


Talk to your doctor regarding your eye shape, face structure, as well as goals for your surgical procedure.


Double Eyelid Surgery Recovery


Healing from eyelid surgical treatment will be various depending upon the method that was utilized. With partial cut as well as non-incisional strategies, you can expect to heal from surgical treatment in around two weeks. With incisional techniques, your sutures might require to be eliminated after several days. The first recovery time is about 2 weeks, but complete healing can take months. Your healthcare provider will offer you certain guidelines on how to look after your eyelids after surgical treatment, as well as how to handle discomfort, as well as pain. These might include:


  • Utilize a cold compression to decrease discomfort as well as swelling for the first two days.
  • Use eyedrops to maintain your eyes from getting completely dry.
  • Avoid hefty training or straining for three weeks after surgical treatment. You should be able to return to light workouts in about three days.
  • Keeping your head raised throughout the day, as well as staying clear of sleeping flat, an extra pillow at bedtime suffices.
  • Preventing the sunlight.
  • Not utilizing cosmetics, makeup use can be returned 10-14 days after the treatment.
  • Use a slim coat of oil jelly to any outside sutures two times a day.
  • Not using any kind of other non-prescription lotions.
  • Leaving your contact lenses out for a couple of weeks, if you use them.

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