Why you should keep the air ducts cleaned?

Why you should keep the air ducts cleaned?

Contaminated ducts can cause health problems and especially for those who already have health problems like asthma, allergies, etc. If your family members are facing health problems like cough, sneezing, headache, etc. then air duct cleaning should be taken into consideration. So, consult the Air Duct Cleaning Nashville Tennessee. If you don’t know how it works then here is the process of duct cleaning.

Inspect the ducts

It is the first step that you also can perform yourself, but the duct cleaning professionals have cameras that probe the picture clearly and can show it to the full extent. A benefit of hiring duct cleaning services is that they can check for other problems too and resolve them quickly.

Create negative process

Duct cleaning contractors have large, portable vacuum collection devices that attract all the debris and dust. Before turning on the scrubbing and suction, the technicians will keep in mind to seal each register with an adhesive cover as it can affect even the most powerful vacuum device. Vacuum devices will be ineffective if the registers will be uncovered. Once the technician performs this step, they will turn on the vacuum unit. This step will turn the negative pressure on.

Agitate the dust

When the system will be under negative pressure, technicians will uncover each register and clean the ducts step by step. Technicians will not move forward after a quick burst from the air compressor and sprits of insecticide. Using this technique is inefficient. Legitimate technicians use compressed air tools and rotating brushes and a simple vacuum cleaner to ensure that all the debris is sucked into the vacuum collection devices.

Clean the rest of the system

Lastly, they will clean the rest of the duct system. Cleaning and changing the filters too will enhance the quality and the life of the duct system will also extend. This process will improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.


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