Why Utilize Cable Protectors?

Why Utilize Cable Protectors?
  • Secure your cables, cords, and hose lines from the pedestrian-vehicle, traffic, as well as heavy-duty equipment motion
  • Perfect for events, conventions facilities, construction sites, and any type of center or occasion
  • Cost-efficient remedy helps prevent damages caused by cable resonance, call with other heat-generating tools, or simply tripping
  • Improve accessibility

Wire protectors are provided in a variety of products, sizes, and colors to suit all kinds of applications.

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What to Consider 

  • Size: The number of cords you intend to protect? Safeguard 1-5 cables utilizing the same guard. Each slot is called a “Network.”

What you require to understand

Know the overall size of your cords. Make certain that your cables will suit the cable protector by picking the appropriate elevation and network size.

General Guideline to keep in mind

 Remember that as the number of networks on the protector decreases, the network elevation will increase.

  • Weight Ability: What will be going across over the cable guard? With abilities of approximately 800,000 lbs./axle, a load that an automobile will put on a cord guard as they drive over them, cable guards can stand up to thousands of pounds, as well as withstand constant influence.

Heavy-duty cord protectors are ideal for vehicles or carrying trucks and light-duty cable guards are best for light to hefty pedestrian walking, energy, and light industrial applications.

  • Material:


  • Durable to general-purpose applications
  • Oil gas, military, mining, building, production, entertainment, and material handling
  • Ideal for sturdy equipment, as well as high-quantity traffic
  • Hold up against severe weather conditions
  • Lightweight, as well as more resilient

– Tones

Universal security colors are available for all types of traffic. High visibility colors include: yellow, black, orange, as well as blue.

  • Need Accessories?

Including accessories to your cord guards depends commonly on positioning, as well as positioning of your cable guard system. Most cable protector collection offer accessories such as End caps, 45 degrees left and/or ideal turns, and 3- and 4-way cross crossways.

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