Ultherapy Treatment Against Facial Sagging

Ultherapy Treatment Against Facial Sagging

Ultherapy: Everything You Need To Know About The Non Invasive Face Lift  That Works

Those who are not a big fan of needling and have problems with sagging skin can opt for Ulthera (ทํา ulthera which is the term in Thai), a non-invasive procedure for the targeted treatment of lifting the face, neck, and cervix, in addition to improving wrinkles and fine lines.

Through the energy of micro-focused ultrasound, Ultherapy can go deeper than other non-invasive treatments for collagen stimulation. Its technology uses heat to produce minor coagulation points in the deep layers of the dermis, causing a muscle contraction that causes an immediate face-lifting effect.

The device has an exclusive visualization system, which allows the professional to verify the tissue layers being treated so that the energy of the treatment is delivered where it is most effective and safe for the patient.

Unlike other equipment that uses the micro-focused ultrasound technique, this is the only one approved by the FDA and ANVISA, which has generated even more credibility to the technology and clinics that offer this procedure to their patients. No wonder that over 1.5 million treatments have been performed worldwide.

The most attractive point for consumers of this innovation has been its proven results, with only a single session per year for most patients.

Home Office And The Consequent Concern With The Face

It seems repetitive, but it is almost impossible for the pandemic and its consequences not to be mentioned as a plan on any topic we address, regardless of the segment.

As previously mentioned, COVID 19 impacted the consumption of aesthetic procedures. Suppose before, the body was the number one concern of people, after a virus that forced everyone to stay in their homes for long periods of “undetermined” quarantine and find themselves forced to use screens as a window to the world. 

In that case, this concern is exacerbated with the face soon became a priority. Whether for virtual meetings at home or attending classes online, this was the opportunity to be unmasked, to show the smile that was so hidden, and to look good in front of the computer.

In this context, non-surgical procedures aimed at the face with quick recovery and few sequelae also contributed to the high demand for technology in offices, always concerned with the safety and well-being of their patients.


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