Tips For Storing And Caring For Your Shoes

Tips For Storing And Caring For Your Shoes

To ensure shoes’ durability, it is essential to take two precautions. One is proper cleaning, and the other is storage. If you can, make a variation on usage. Avoid repeatedly wearing the same pairs of shoes. Perspiration from our bodies makes our shoes damp, which causes a bad smell. By taking turns with your pairs, you’ll be able to provide them with the ventilation they need to prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. Click here (คลิกที่นี่  which is the term in Thai) for more info on safety shoes and storage.

Clean Shoes Often

There is a correct cleaning method for each type of shoe. The leather should be cleaned (or dried if it is damp from rain) with a flannel. For suede and fabric, use a soft bristle brush. Canvas and PVC shoes are more resistant and can be cleaned with specific products for each material.

The inside of all shoe models can be cleaned with a damp handkerchief or a cloth dampened with mild soap and water. After cleaning, your shoes should dry or air out in the shade and a well-ventilated place.

Learn To Store Your Shoes

Have an exclusive space for storing shoes. Avoid stacking or stacking one above the other as this can damage the pairs and deform the models. Ideally, you have separators to keep each shoe separately and adequately protected from each other.

If you’re short on space, store shoes that you rarely wear in clear boxes to ensure, they’re well preserved. Never store the shoe you’ve just worn without cleaning it first.

Safety Boot: How To Care?

These shoes protect your feet in many types of work!

People, safety boots are essential to keep your feet always protected and comfortable in jobs such as construction, industry, and much more, ok? But, for these shoes to last a long time, it is essential to know how to care for and clean them. Come with me, and I’ll help you with this!

Day To Daycare

Look, for you to always be safe, the safety boot needs to be in perfect condition, ok? So, every time you finish using yours, it’s ideal for checking if it has any cuts, holes or if the sole has any problems. Also, avoid leaving it in very humid, cold, or hot places to avoid damaging the safe boot material. The tip is to store the shoes in a closet or shelf, agreed?

Cleaning Care

Now, when cleaning your safety boot, follow a few tips:

– PVC or rubber boots: wash them with running water, a simple sponge, neutral soap and allow them to dry;

– Leather boots: for this type of shoe, the most suitable is to use a cloth with a leather product, or even a little common moisturizer, to leave the material soft and protected against cuts;

– And for any other type of boot, you can use a dry cloth with a little alcohol to remove dirt and protect the shoes from bacteria, fungi, and bad smells. Easy, right?


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