The best of touring Hokkaido in Japan

The best of touring Hokkaido in Japan

Japan as a country holds a strategic position in the world order, while its lands hold some of the most majestic and eternally beautiful places on Earth. The country is one of the must-visit places on the travel bucket list of enthusiasts and wanderers. Not just the land interiors, but Islands like Hokkaido are a place to set schedules for. People greatly look forward to Japan Hokkaido Tours in the hope to witness the magnificence of this island which is the second largest for the country’s island groups. The place is one of those natural wonders that continue to attract tourists all year round. Here are some of the best aspects of visiting Hokkaido.

The Blue Pond

The small town of Biei is a unique exception for the most beautiful sceneries in the world. This is the place having the great Blue Pond, which is a man-made structure competing with the most natural ones. The pond is a result of dam construction for preventing the flow of mud in the river of Bieigawa. It shines with a striking color of blue which is a result of aluminum hydroxide. The place is famous for the slim trees on the water making a striking appearance in photographs.

The Snow festival of Sapporo

If you want to have some family time fun with a unique experience in winters, you must visit Sapporo, the city which is the fourth largest in Japan and is actually on Hokkaido Island. The great snow festival in Sapporo is famous for ice artists coming all across the world and displaying their creativity in sculptures and figures. The city also arranges for adding lighting effects for the sculptures at night. The festival opens up for seven days in February for the people.

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