How to Use scum cheats in Your Game Without Ruining the Fun!

How to Use scum cheats in Your Game Without Ruining the Fun!

In the right hands, cheats in Scum are an extremely useful tool. In the wrong hands, they’re a game-ruining mess. When it comes to games like Scum, which revolve mostly around player skill and don’t ask for much in terms of character background or lore, the ability to cheat can be a great equalizer.

To understand why players like you need the best scum cheats and how you can use them in your games without letting players break their characters too much – read on!

Don’t Allow Critical Hits

Critical hits are a huge advantage in just about any tabletop RPG. If your group allows critical hits in Scum, you’ll find that players will start to abuse them. When players can realistically hit critically every time they attack, they’ll start to do things like attack NPCs, who normally would be immune to all damage, and instantly kill them.

When players start doing this, it starts to make the game less fun for everyone. If you do allow critical hits in Scum, make sure to not allow them against NPCs. This will prevent players from abusing them.

Don’t Allow Big Bonuses on Rolls

If you allow players to add a big bonus to their rolls, they will end up using it all the time. This can make the game very unbalanced, especially if the players with the most bonuses are also the ones with the highest skill levels. It can also make it hard for the rest of the players to challenge their characters.

If you don’t allow big bonuses on rolls, you can prevent players from abusing them. Again, make sure you don’t allow them on NPCs – otherwise, they might start attacking high-level NPCs, who should be mostly immune to damage, and kill them instantly.

Don’t Allow Magic or Psychic Powers

If your players want to use magic or psychic powers in Scum, simply tell them you don’t allow it. There’s no need to explain why you don’t allow it – just let them know that no magic or psychic powers in your game.

If you’re unsure about what to allow and what not to allow in your game, simply take a look at the character creation guide and pick out the abilities and items that are not used in the game. Let your players know that the abilities and items they can select should be limited to those that are actually used in the game.

Disable Items From The Rulebook

Items in the rulebook are mostly meant to give your players an edge in the game. When you disable items from the rulebook, you can make it so that only a few items are available to your players, reducing the chance of them having an edge.

If you don’t want your players to have certain items or equipment, simply disable them from the rulebook. More importantly, if you do want your players to have certain items or equipment, but don’t want them to be super powerful, try to find ways to make those items less powerful.

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