Lou Hampers believes in care before money

Throughout the career life of Lou Hampers, he has been a medical expert for children who have never prioritized money over the care of his patients. It is true that some pediatricians do the opposite. However, that should not be something you worry about. What you should be concerned about is that there are doctors like Dr. Hampers who invest in the well-being of children rather than just the financial gain. Due to the role pediatricians play in the life of your child, you need to always choose a pediatrician who is ready to take care of your child with a mind and heart that are right.

The right care should always be provided always

Every pediatrician, when they check your child, will know how to treat them and how much medicine is required to ensure the child doesn’t get ill. Even though some adult doctors are able to treat children, it is always important that a child expert or pediatrician like Lou Hampers be visited. These child specialists know much more and are in a better position to check and diagnose the illness or disease of the child than any other general doctor. Moreover, the training they have been given throughout their education is to handle such issues. So, they do it to perfection. Also, since the child of your growing baby is not developed to the level of an adult, you do not need to be taking him or her to an adult specialist. So, have this noted.

Patience is always a virtue to have as a pediatrician

No matter how famous a pediatrician is, if they are not patient, you do not need them around your child or family. Lou Hampers is one very patient pediatrician, and this has taken him places and given him appointments he never thought were possible. Patience is indeed a vital virtue that every doctor needs to have. When handling child patients, you need to be very patient because it is not easy at all. Some children can be very difficult, others scared, others cranky, others naughty, etc. So, it is your duty as the pediatrician to find a way to ensure more difficult children are cared for even with their attitude issues. One thing that the best pediatricians do is to give parents constant words of assurance. Although all these are not easy, they are worth it. There are times when the parents are even more problematic than the child who is ill. This also requires doctors to be patient and handle the parents well. You can never be successful at being a pediatrician if you cannot be patient. Although this is easier said than done, you should be ready to wear the right clothing of patience when you are on the job and even out of a job.


Helping to keep children alive and well is not about money. There is no way Lou Hampers can be paid for the work he does in the lives of these children. However, the joy he gets from it is enough for him. That is good.


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