Can A Man Wear A Ladies’ Watch?

Can A Man Wear A Ladies’ Watch?

You are free to wear whatever you like, but keep in mind that watches closely associated with a gender exude a certain level of masculinity or femininity.

A ladies’ watch is generally thinner and more fragile than a men’s watch. A lady can wear a men’s watch and still look “feminine,” but a man wearing a lady’s watch is unlikely to look more manly. It’s up to you whether that’s a problem for you or not.

Is It Worth Buying An Expensive Men’s Watch?

The buyer decides. Do you need a watch and ten watches? Do you have the budget to buy an expensive watch? Will you be using it every day or just on special occasions? The cost of a watch can varies depending on several criteria: the complexity of the manufacturing process of its tiny mechanisms, the purity of the metal, the diamonds on the hands, or just the watchmaker’s brand. Do some research to find out if what you are paying for is what you are looking for.

How Important Are Colors In Wearing A Watch?

Matching the color of your watch strap and case with your other accessories may seem excessive, but the result will be worth it.

If you don’t want to worry about these things, opt for a watch with a white dial. White goes with everything. If not, try your best to match the color of your watch strap to the color of your shoes. A brown or black leather watch strap will ideally companion for your brown or black leather shoes.

How Do I Wear My Watch With Other Jewelry?

In this particular case, size matters. If you wear a small watch, don’t pair it with a strap that is too wide. The result may seem unbalanced. The same happens with metallic colors. Do not wear a gold watch strap with silver cufflinks. Click to know Rolex price


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