Attention All Business Proprietors: Would you like to Help Make Your (Working) Existence Simpler?

Attention All Business Proprietors: Would you like to Help Make Your (Working) Existence Simpler?

01 August 2016

“What helps people, helps business.” Leo Burnett (Advertising Executive)

Attention all business proprietors: would you like to help make your (working) existence simpler?

Then you might want to check you have the best group of procedures and policies inside your company’s documentation.

Policies versus procedures

Coverage is an established plan of action, or perhaps a rule, designed to strengthen your management team run the organisation. Coverage is the way in which through which your strategy as well as your business objectives are conveyed for your employees. The primary “raison d’être” of the policy would be to keep things running easily inside your business and to help individuals and systems function better – in most cases, policies construct what management want staff to complete (or, in some instances, not do).

Their close relatives – the procedures – describe the way a task(s) ought to be done. Procedures are step-by-step guides, usually describing ways or ways of transporting out task(s) in compliance using the policy(ies). They’re like “how you can” checklists for finishing an activity or process – your day-to-day happenings that should occur to maintain your business running.

The reason why you need policies / procedures

First of all, there are several minimum legal needs for documented policies which your company must adhere to. A lot of companies have to have at the minimum a Safety and health Policy, and hang out their Disciplinary & Grievance measures in writing.

It’s also viewed as sound practice to possess written policies in other locations, for example Data Protection Equality & Diversity Worker Manual etc. Furthermore, you can find more legal needs for many companies to possess certain policies in position normally, this is from the size the organisation, the kind of business and industry, in addition to local needs.

Documented procedures and policies can help your company using the following:

(a) Compliance: with government rules / legislation, insurance needs and certain audits. They may also help your company adhere to best management practices and standards. Furthermore, formal policies can outline legal legal rights and obligations of the staff, as well as your organization – a thing of caution, though: your a lawyer must check and ensure the coverage is legal, and legally binding.

(b) Safety: work is a safer place with proper procedures, that will reduce possibilities for injuries.

(c) Quality: well crafted procedures help to improve quality of labor and lower the amount of errors / omissions, as well as lowering waste (time or materials).

(d) Training: furthermore procedures allow it to be simpler and fewer time-consuming to coach new staff, but they are also prone to make new employees more lucrative faster. In addition, procedures clarify the way in which things ought to be done, so there’s less requirement for communication and fewer confusion on how to do things. In most cases, they educate staff about the organization they’re helpful to promote the competitive position of the business being an employer of preference Body that gives generous worker benefits, and respect and appreciation for HR management.


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