Asbestos Testing Services: What are its benefits?

Asbestos Testing Services: What are its benefits?

If you are considering getting an asbestos inspection done, you should know what to expect. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to have some concerns about the presence of asbestos in their homes and the health risks related to it. Many people don’t realize that asbestos is dangerous, because it’s been used so long. There are only two types of asbestos, chrysotile, and tremolite. The other is friable asbestos.

Asbestos testing services will do a comprehensive risk assessment of your property, no matter where it is located. Three common materials are found in houses: asbestos-containing materials, flat sheet metal, and insulation.

Each has its unique issues and dangers, and asbestos in any one of them poses a significant risk to the individual. When a substance is suspected of containing asbestos, then it should be removed. If not, then it should be removed and properly disposed of. Having this done before construction is important.

Many commercial building inspectors are familiar with asbestos. These professionals know that there are serious health risks that can arise from being exposed to it. They also know that asbestos has to be properly handled, because of its dangerous nature. Asbestos removal can be very tricky. It can result in a great deal of expense for the company or individual doing the work and can take a long time to perform.

In some commercial buildings, there may not be enough space for asbestos testing services to detect all of the possible dangerous asbestos fibers, especially if there are several rooms or areas that need to be treated. Some materials that are commonly contained in heating ducts and ceilings (including ceiling tiles, sheetrock, insulation, and duct tape) can easily escape detection.

Asbestos particles can be tiny, so small that they are invisible to the naked eye. Yet they are hazardous to your health and cannot be permitted in construction if it is not deemed safe. If in doubt about whether a material is hazardous, don’t use it, and make sure that you are not exposed to it.

Indoor air quality specialists provide indoor air quality certification that verifies a company’s compliance with both federal and state law. In the case of asbestos testing services, the indoor air quality specialist checks the quality of indoor air. The specialist can identify exactly where the asbestos contamination is. If in doubt about the accuracy of the test results, the indoor air quality specialist will help you negotiate an acceptable indoor air quality certification.

Both types of asbestos testing can show you exactly where the contamination is located, what type it is, and how much contamination is present. The benefits of having this done include: protecting your family and employees; protecting your property and possessions; reducing your liability; and avoiding expensive property damage or medical bills from illness caused by inhaling asbestos fibers.

If in doubt about anything, don’t assume that it is safe. Seek out the advice of an experienced professional and be sure to get an asbestos inspection as part of the overall inspection of your home or building. It may save your family’s health.


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