5 Tips For Learning English Alone And At Home

5 Tips For Learning English Alone And At Home

Autonomy has reached all areas of our lives, including more present in education. With languages, ​​it is no different. That’s why we’ve prepared 10 tips for learning English alone and at home. We know that it is not an easy task, as it requires planning and a lot of practice not to give up. So, if you are getting ready to start your studies, we have selected precious tips to put English on your resume.

  1. Make A Plan

The more often you study, the faster you learn. So, schedule your day to fit that moment. Use the time to focus on your learning and maintain attendance. Mark your calendar, use cell phone alarms, or any other method that reminds you that it’s time to study the language.

  1. Invest In English Series And Movies

How about switching to original audio and subtitles if you like dubbed movies? In addition to practicing reading in Portuguese, he begins to connect the two languages. Over time, remove the subtitle. You will be amazed at your learning!

  1. Listen To Your Favorite Songs More Carefully

Have you ever stopped to realize how English or xchange English is present in our lives? They are terms of our work, product packaging, and songs. Indeed, you have some of them in your playlist.

We leave a suggestion: choose your favorite song. Your interest will bring outstanding results. Then listen to her, paying attention to the words. Then follow the track with her lyrics. Next, check the translation. You will find that your perception will change completely.

  1. Connect English To Your Everyday Life

One of the best tips for learning English by yourself and at home is this: increase your vocabulary. Make a selection of words that are present in your routine. Anyway, look for the correct way to write them in English and even the pronunciation. Google Translate helps a lot!

  1. Read

If you are starting to learn English, look for book recommendations. Children are great options for beginners. In addition to being easy to learn and memorize, you will also have fun. But if your knowledge is more advanced, access news sites in English, such as The Guardian, CNN, BBC, Reuters, People Magazine, and even the social networks of celebrities you admire. In time, you will understand the whole message.


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